Sleep was one of the things that always made me relapse on day

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I don’t want to use her real name for the fear that she might read this so I will call her Gayle. If you want to know who she really is, you can feel free to ask me seperately and I’ll be glad to tell you. Anyway, Gayle and I have been friends for awhile, but I can’t really stand her, there are many reasons for it, but I don’t feel like getting into it at the moment.

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Y kind of a share share. Now, I know not all communist states are like this, but still, distributing is just as fine as sharing it. Well, I not explaining why we need communism I just explaining the difference between distributing, because they technically are, hey a parent could like make their child share a toy or something.

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The only positive for the Bengals is that they may finally have found a running game. Cincinnati entered the game last in the league in rushing but finished with 104 yards on the ground. Of those, 47 came on the 75 yard touchdown drive in the second quarter including Mixon converting a fourth and 1 on their 45..

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