It was an exorbitant expenditure at the time

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will my grandchildren fight over who gets it

It seems like it would make a pretty poor messenger bag. Those buckle straps wouldn’t allow you to open and close the bag quickly, and there doesn’t seem to be anything to keep it from moving around when you’re on the bike.

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I bought a PAC bag while in art canada goose outlet parka school. It was an exorbitant expenditure at the time, but it had everything I wanted and was lauded by every bike messenger I knew, so I took the plunge. I canada goose outlet store got the Ultimate bag with many of the bells and whistles, and it’s been just about as indestructible bag as a person could hope for. canada goose outlet in usa I’ve used it as a field sack for my travels as an oceanographic technician, a fly fishing gear sack, an art supply bag, a computer bag, an overnight camping sack and, on occasion, for it’s intended purpose as a messenger bag. I don’t think I’ll ever have to buy canada goose outlet uk another one. I love it.

Not quite as ‘Indiana Jones’ as the bag you’re Canada Goose online looking at, though. Is it waterproof, or does it have more pockets cheap canada goose than a cheaper bag? Can you safely store your laptop and manuscripts and take them out in inclement weather? I might be wrong, but if canada goose uk shop you’re looking for canada goose outlet online utility and function, that bag probably won’t cut it. It looks like an elegantly flimsy accessory, neither briefcase nor backpack. I’ve never really considered a messenger bag to register as ‘heirloom’ status, anyway. Pecinpah’s PAC bag is far less attractive (no offense!) but seems to do its job much better.

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Saddleback makes beautiful bags, although frankly if I’m not a fan of the leather shoulder bag. If I were, though, I’d canada goose outlet online uk splurge and get the uk canada goose Filson leather Field Satchel. enthusiast.

That said, Ernest Alexander makes some very handsome messenger style bags at a much more reasonable price point.

Bear in mind that none of these bags are actual messenger bags, of canada goose factory sale course as box notes, above, they goose outlet canada would be pretty impractical for a bike messenger. Which is fine you’re not a bike messenger canada goose outlet store uk and don’t need your bag to be useful in precisely the same way that a bike canada goose outlet uk sale messenger does.

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I think everyone above is commenting on your use of the word “messenger bag”, which is is a waterproof bag slung on the back used by couriers and other bike folk. The canada goose clearance link you provided is definitely not a messenger bag in that sense.

As far as the bag on its own merits, it’s a lot of money, and Saddleback seems to sell itself on mystique and an interesting story rather than product quality. I’d rather go with a traditional company with a longer history, like Filson, if I wanted something fancier than the uk canada goose outlet usual cordura n zippers crowd. And I don’t see how I’m going to wear out a good bag in the first place Canada Goose Outlet (I have Timbuk2 and Chrome bags which refuse to quit).

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I wouldn’t buy that, especially if that’s how much you pay per month for rent. But! I was similarly looking canada goose jacket outlet for a good quality and hardy bag recently, and ended up with a Filson Medium Field Bag. I didn’t buy it from the main site though. I picked it up here at a discount, and was more than satisfied with their delivery speed (ie: it was free and arrived within the week).

My only issue with it is that when they’re new, they’re very stiff, and I’m currently in the process of breaking mine in. But it carries everything with ease EeePC, big camera, notebooks, waterbottle etc.

(Reading up, I see dersins also recommended it they really are very nice bags!)

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Anecdata: I know someone who was given the briefcase as a law school graduation present and he loves it with the fire of Canada Goose Coats On Sale a thousand suns.